The Law Office of Barbara A. Castrataro Practice of Matrimonial Law
Matrimonial, Divorce and Family Lawyer with offices in White Plains and Chappaqua serving all of Westchester County, Manhattan/New York County, Putnam & Rockland Counties and beyond.

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The Law Office of Barbara A. Castrataro Practice of Matrimonial Law

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Other Areas Of Practice And Services


Other areas of practice include enforcement, which can include Support, Court Orders, terms of a Settlement Agreement, or a Judgment of Divorce.

Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

We have completed the training associated with both divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, which methods are designed by the parties’ agreement to avoid litigation by determining their own terms of resolution.

Trial Strategy & Witness Preparation for Trial

Ms. Castrataro believes that client preparation is critical to success at trial, yet is often overlooked. Having a client fully involved and conversant with the facts of the case, its time-line and all of the very details and proof in support of their case is essential during the entire case. This preparation and participation further eases the stress associated with providing testimony should the matter go to trial. This is further part of the attorney-client team approach. Ms. Castrataro has been sought by colleagues to try all or part of a case and to prepare the witnesses for trial.