The Law Office of Barbara A. Castrataro Practice of Matrimonial Law
Matrimonial, Divorce and Family Lawyer with offices in White Plains and Chappaqua serving all of Westchester County, Manhattan/New York County, Putnam & Rockland Counties and beyond.

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The Law Office of Barbara A. Castrataro Practice of Matrimonial Law

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A Law Practice Based On Solid Core Principles

Integrity, preparedness, focus, responsiveness.

Building Trusting Attorney-Client Relationships

The Matrimonial practice of Barbara A. Castrataro is built upon core principles of integrity, preparedness, focused strategy, individual attention and responsiveness to our clients.

We formulate a detailed case analysis, a command of the facts and law, and a case narrative all of which are developed and constantly refined to achieve the most effective strategy for our clients. This is amplified by the working partnership developed with each client.

We are most mindful that every Matrimonial matter contains a unique set of facts and requires extreme trust in the relationship between attorney and client. We have an understanding of and an unlimited empathy for what our clients are experiencing whether it is a difficult custody case, an acrimonious divorce, a collaborative or otherwise amicable divorce, one with complex assets and business interests, a pre-nuptial matter where the financial issues require a more delicate approach or a custody and child support matter where there has been no marriage.

Thorough Preparedness Through All Phases of Each Case

We are a boutique law firm exclusively in the practice of Matrimonial Law in Westchester County, New York City and its surrounding areas. Our services are sought regularly by clients seeking personal attention to and a detailed strategy of their complex cases involving high assets, valuations, unique questions of fact and law, difficult custody cases, skilled litigation, and detailed analysis of their divorce actions, including Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements. As well, by clients who seek a thoughtful, creative, careful and detailed analysis and strategy of their matter.

Ms. Castrataro has thoughtfully tailored the structure of her practice to enable her to personally participate in every phase of each client’s matter and achieve a mastery of the facts which promotes efficiency. From the first meeting with our clients, a strategy is formulated and throughout the case we provide a continuous analysis which is essential to its development and execution. Ms. Castrataro maintains a reputation for intense focus, preparedness and knowledge of the facts and law.

Customized Legal Counsel

Ms. Castrataro’s goal is to provide her clients with individualized attention and create practical solutions. She is a skilled negotiator but also a tough, experienced litigator who is prepared to try a case when settlement is unattainable.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients as a team and preparing them for all phases of litigation, for every Court appearance, depositions, and trial.

We are also discrete as to our client’s privacy and extend our clients the utmost respect. When representing our clients we do so with professionalism and integrity. Our firm is often retained by clients and other attorneys to undertake a legal analysis of complex issues, to formulate strategies for a successful resolution at trial, to prepare witnesses and try cases for them. We pride ourselves on preparation at every level from client meetings to protracted litigation. We are committed to excellence.

Every Matrimonial matter contains a unique set of facts and requires extreme trust in the relationship between attorney and client.

Protecting Children

We further are committed that children involved in any proceeding are fully protected and their voices heard. We regularly assist clients in all aspects of divorce and family law.